Real Meditation for Real Alcoholics The Full Excercise


This is the full 30 minute, Non-Contemplative Meditation™ exercise that will allow you to get free from anger, separate you from your thoughts so that you can get connected to God immediately. This is the non-religious, non-commercial, pure exercise that will open your mind, heart, and eyes and break and keep you free from the bondage of self.

The Book, “Real Meditation for Real Alcoholics” (“Free “Look Inside” is the accompaniment to these audio presentations and introduces a special, meditation technique not affiliated with any religion or pseudo-spiritual movements.

In this version, I specifically have alcoholics and “those who love them,” in mind. But of course, anyone can use this.

It is suggested you listen to the Pre-Meditation talk prior to using the full 30-minute version because it provides some valuable tips and some very important caveats for the inexperienced, especially for those who feel they already are experienced with some variety of meditation.

You will find this to be a unique, one of a kind direction that does not clash with the fundamental spiritual Principles laid into the recovery foundation of many recovered or “recovering” alcoholics. In fact, here you will discover a game changer – making spiritual recovery, Big Book even Scripture come alive in ways you could never have before imagined

This not a toy. This isn’t some storefront hypnotherapy to help you huff-and-puff or visualize yourself into a state of bliss. This is the ancient, mindful practice of consciousness, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

It is important to listen to the Pre-Meditation talk before attempting this full 30-minute link. If you are tempted to skip this and go straight to this exercise . . . don’t. Use this link and go listen first please:

But once you do, you’ll be glad.

Here it is:



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