Best Inspirational Weight-Gain Fitness Transformations 2017


Instagram has long been a source of inspiration for us given its amazing community of fitness-lovers. This year alone we’ve seen body-positive hashtags such as #ScrewTheScale and CelluliteSaturday inspire everything from Instagram users to fashion campaigns. One hashtag that’s taken off spectacularly in 2017 is the weekly #TransformationTuesday tag.

Featuring everything from year-, month-, week-, and hour-long transformations, the tag has taken on a life of its own with people sharing personal posts about daily battles with bloating and long sagas with weight loss. Alongside these stories has been the growing tide of women sharing their personal weight-gain triumphs after overcoming serious health issues or restrictive diets and gaining much-needed self-love and body positivity. Read on for eight women whose journeys to health and well-being helped us let go of a number on a scale.

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